Sweethands: A Caleb Plant Documentary

Over the course of 4 years, we’ve been following Caleb Plant’s career, filming his fights, training, and insights into the boxing world.

We are currently in the editing process and hope to release the film soon.

Caleb’s story is an amazing one. He’s built himself from next to nothing, dedicated his life to the art of boxing. From an early age, Caleb knew he would be a world champion. Through heartbreaks, setbacks, and turmoil, Caleb has shown a resiliency that I’ve never seen anyone else posses.

We are so excited to share his story of a small town small town kid to World Champion.

More on the way soon. Keep that chin tucked.


Screenshots from the Film

caleb 8.jpg
caleb 10.jpg
caleb 9.jpg
caleb 11.jpg
caleb still frame 3.jpg
caleb still frame 2.jpg
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caleb 4.jpg

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